Odiri Tax Consultants

& Accountants

Three Easy Steps:

  • Call us on 01733808075 or make an online enquiry to arrange a FREE consultation

  • Attend a meeting with our small business Accountant or Tax adviser to determine exactly how we can help you and your business. This meeting is FREE and there is no obligation to use our services.

  • Once we have had the initial meeting, a fixed quote will be supplied to cover all the work we believe needs completing. 

​Depending on your requirements, we can take everything off your hands or leave you with some of the jobs that you want to do yourselves. If you are keen to learn and ultimately manage more of your accountancy disciplines internally, we will assist you to improve your skills as we work together. We are great believers in people ‘playing to their strengths’.

We offer flexible payment options which allow our clients to pay their accountancy fees in easy to manage instalments by standing order, which can really help with cashflow and most of our clients prefer this option.

We offer a value for money service tailored to your business needs. Y


How We Work