If you have rental property (commercial or residential) in thce UK but your usual home is outside the UK (basically you are  non-resident) then the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme (NRLS) will apply.  

We can assist you with the following matters from a UK tax perspective:

  • Registration under the NRLS to maximise cash flow advantage
  • Completion of the annual Income Tax Return including consideration of transfer pricing and capital allowance matters
  • Assistance with payment of income tax liabilities
  • Tax planning to ensure the most appropriate structure is in place for investment properties in the UK including consideration of the new tax charges on high-value residential property
  • Completion of the annual ATED Return in order to claim exemption from the charge
  • Advising on Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) matters when the landlord is deemed to be a contractor under the CIS
  • Advice for agents/tenants regarding their obligations under the NRLS

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