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Tax Guide: Non-UK domiciliary looking to Be Resident in the UK

Individuals who are not domiciled in the UK are usually referred to as non-domiciled residents or non-doms. 

Odiri Tax has particular expertise in assisting non-UK domiciliaries and we can advise you on your domicile status.

We can help on all aspects of the remittance basis to ensure you do not benefit from offshore assets in the UK, thus triggering a tax charge. We can :

  • offer specialist tax advice to individuals on how to structure assets and business interests before coming to the UK, and on how to manage your tax affairs once you  become UK resident
  • provide a full tax compliance service, dealing with all the necessary tax returns and filings for individuals, their families and domestic staff

We can also assist with your tax compliance, filing tax returns with HMRC for you and your family. Please
 contact us for further information.

Tax Guide: UK Tier 1 Investor programme – UK Tax Issues

Odiri Tax Consultants can advise on UK tax residence for both you, your spouse and dependants, including maintaining tax residence outside the UK where this is desired for one member of the family, or determining the date on which you became resident in the UK for tax purposes.
We can also assist with your tax compliance, filing tax returns with HMRC for you and your family and any domestic staff. 

We are highly recommended by our clients so if you are looking for a UK tax specialist and Accountnats  that offers professional, friendly and expert advice then we would be delighted to meet you. After our initial free meeting we will provide a quote and are more than happy to discuss fixed fees and telephone support

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